Packers vs. Bears: The Roughest Rivalry in the NFL

The NFL is well known for its heated rivalries, but no feud is as long standing and intense as that of the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears. Begun in 1921, these two teams have squared of an astounding 184 combined regular season and playoff games. Their head to head record is an almost deadlocked 92-86 6 in favor of the bears. Combined, the two squads have won 22 Nfl Championships (5 superbowls), and have 48 players in the hall fame. No other rivalry can boast such an impressive historical resume.
Even today, the Chicago vs Green Bay rivalry continues to go strong. Located in the same division, the NFC North, the two teams face off twice every year, and occasionally a third time in the postseason. The two squads feature each feature high profile talent such as Brian Urlacher and Jay Cutler (Bears) and Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews (Packers). It is also no surprise that this rivalry featured the NFL’s first game where players were ejected for fighting. In recent years Green Bay has had Chicago’s number, including a playoff win in 2009 en route to a Superbowl title, but that has not made this brutal rivalry any less intense. Every loyal fan in Chicago has 2 dates circled on his/her calendar, and you can bet it’s the same in Green Bay.